The multidimensional personality Dr. Makardhwaj Kumar the founder of jesus academy of higher education patna is widely regarded as the pioneer of the primary health education movement in india. His teaching technical guidelines as a founder are well designed as per this thought and also promotes research and dissiminates knowledge gained there from for the best interestof ailing humanity through our institutes.

A nationally renowned practitioner of dental science. Dr. makardhwaj kumar in an organizer, teacher and vision for medical education recognition to the value of reading the whole person consisting of physical aspect of individual as well as rental aspect also. He viewed to provide three basic services that is education,health and socio -economic to the fellow countrymen sometimes to theglobal citizen. Our purpose is to prepare you to be students to your palliate to be a teacher who will form a partners with your palliate so that they can head themselves.

At our institutes you will got the the knowledge to become a paramedic.wish good look in your pursuit of your career in paramedical science . I welcome you to join this ever growing new generation of the true headers and practice in this grand adventure.


Dr. M. Kumar


Founder Message

संसाधनो का बेहतर उपयोग कर हमने कठिन परिश्रम से चिकित्सीय शिक्षा के छेत्र में पहला कदम रखा है । हर्ष है की डॉ एम कुमार पैरामेडिकल पाराडेन्टल कॉलेज एवं अस्पताल को स्थानीय एवं प्रादेशिक स्तर पर वयापक समर्थन मिल रहा है ।

Rarely does time accord man the opportunity to serve mankind. However when such a window is visible it is attainable. I am proud to be associated with jesus academy of higher education an Endeavour that has its roots in the dream of Dr. Makardhwaj Kumar our honourable founder Dr. M. Kumar Paramedical Paradental College & hospital is the first steps towards the establishment of similar excellence educational centers in the area so, that children from weaker weaker sections may allen quality education without having to go else where. I note with satisfaction the trust placed in us by guardians and students alike. In our persuit of excellence, we remain invested to the wide spread recognition and affection shown towards our institution.

Dr. M. Kumar

Founder, Jesus Academy of Higher Education Patna Bihar

Founder, Dr. M. Kumar paramedical Paradental College & Hospital Gopalganj Bihar






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